prohms save a life by spotting a life threatening condition

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Vigilant staff at Occupational Health company PROHMS spotted a life threatening condition during a routine ‘wellbeing’ check on staff at Heritage Bathrooms which could’ve resulted in the client suffering a fatal heart attack if not diagnosed.

Steve Brannan, Processing Superintendent at Heritage Bathrooms in Brighouse received life threatening news during a routine consultation with a PROHMS nurse. The nurse identified that Steve’s cholesterol count was an alarming chart busting 13.6; normal levels are usually closer to 5.0mmol/l.

If left undetected Steve could have developed symptoms such as chest pains and breathlessness which would’ve prompted him to visit a doctor but the worst case scenario is that he would have received no symptoms at all and just had a fatal heart attack.

Brian Keeley Managing Director at Heritage say: “Steve’s risk of a fatal heart attack was almost a certainty compared to his colleagues and would never have been spotted if we hadn’t invested in occupational health.
“We are just so happy this has been identified allowing Steve to take action to lower his cholesterol and improve his health before it became too late.”

PROHMS (Professional Occupational Health Medical Services ltd) provide Heritage Bathrooms with occupational health consultations which are designed to empower staff to give them the knowledge about how to take control of their well-being and encourage them to share their new knowledge with family and friends developing a ‘pass it on approach’
Sandra Babbings, Managing Director of PROHMS Ltd says: “Many employers may not recognise that they have an obligation to the health and wellbeing of their workforce. The practicality of investing in the health of employees brings enormous business benefits such as reduced sickness absence, increased loyalty and better staff retention.

“We firmly believe in encouraging individuals to take charge of their own wellbeing through giving them the right knowledge and added confidence from our consultations.

“According to the Department of Health the cost of physical inactivity in England including direct costs of treatment for major lifestyle related diseases and the indirect costs caused through sickness absence has been estimated at £8.2 billion a year. It is part of our mission to contribute in reducing this figure and create working environments that remain healthy and positive to enable staff to thrive.”

PROHMS is one of the leading providers of occupational health and wellbeing services to companies across all sectors and sizes within the North of England by providing a full range of pro-active support. PROHMS is a group of health professionals consisting of specialist doctors, nurses and Physio’s working to promote wellbeing in the workplace through reducing levels of sickness and absence.

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