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Our Vision for Prohms

Our core values guide the way we implement our Vision and Mission. We consistently deliver value to all of our stakeholders i.e. clients, suppliers and staff, to the environment and any others affected by our business.

This statement serves as a framework guide to the daily actions and decisions of employees. Furthermore, it represents the standards that employees will use to measure all individual and collective actions. Clients will see these core values as benchmarks for their own activities and culture.

prohms huddersfield

Our Commitment to Excellence

Prohms commit to delivering value to all who come into contact with the business. We intend to deliver value in as effective and efficient a manner as possible. Also we intend to deliver value in accordance with our overall mission.

We accomplish this by firstly, working collaboratively across functions to achieve our common goals. Secondly, by making every effort to deliver on time and within our business plans and principles.  Thirdly, we empower all employees by promoting personal responsibility and accountability along with creative thinking and innovation in all our activities. In addition, we welcome change and seek to marry improvements in process, service and product to the Prohms traditions. Finally, we aspire at all times to do our jobs better in every way.

prohms huddersfieldCustomer Centric Commitment

Our aim is to maximise returns to all of our customers by being leaders in our field. Firstly, we achieve leadership by exceeding customer expectations. Secondly by being proactive, innovative and flexible in creating new services and techniques as well as in resolving problems. Also, by being mindful of the many, sometimes contradictory, demands and expectations of our different customers. Finally, by engaging in fair and honest business practices.

prohms huddersfield

Our Commitment to Employee Growth and Wellbeing

Prohms commit to a business environment characterised by continuous learning, an entrepreneurial will-do spirit and a team orientation. We also commit to a working culture that is willing to allow for a healthy balance between our professional and personal lives. Similarly, we are committed to provide every opportunity for career development.

These commitments enable us to attract and retain the best-qualified people, creating a workplace of which we can be proud of. Moreover, this commitment creates an environment where we can enjoy our work.

prohms huddersfield

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Prohms commit to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Also we commit to the safe use and disposal of chemicals and treatments within our operations. In addition, we commit to employing the highest standards of Health and Safety for all staff and client services. Prohms always work with qualified suppliers that employ the highest standards of ethical research, testing and product development.