Prohms now offer face fit testing, carried out in conjunction with our health screening services.

If your employees wear a mask due to their job risk profile, they need to be face fit tested.

We carry out individual testing on your employees to check that their masks are working as they should be. Our testing is in compliance with HSE article.

Always conduct a repeat fit test if the wearer:

  • Loses or gains weight
  • Undergoes any substantial dental work
  • Develops any facial changes (scars, moles etc.) around the face seal area.

When face pieces are issued on an individual basis, it is recommended that the individual receives an assessment on their own face piece. Where this is not practical or pooled equipment is used,  a test face piece that exactly matches the wearer’s ‘own’ face piece (model, size & material) should be used.

Face piece fit testing is a method for checking that a tight fitting face piece matches an individual’s facial features. Also that it can provide an adequate seal to the wearer’s face. It will also help to identify unsuitable face pieces (HSE).

For further information read HSE's Respiratory protective equipment at work - A practical guide

Face Fit Testing
Face Fit Testing