Our Mission

PROHMS is based in the north of England. We are a leading provider of occupational health and well-being services to companies across all sectors and sizes. In addition, we offer a full range of pro-active support services, namely to create a sustainable business platform. Furthermore, our services are based upon the highest principles of workplace ethics and corporate social responsibility. Therefore, it is our mission and priority to:

• Establish a network of high quality professionals, namely to serve a range of clients who appreciate high quality service and support. Ultimately, we aim to improve the welfare and health of our client's staff

• Deliver innovative services, techniques and standards of customer service that exceed client expectations. In addition enabling them to increase the quality of life of their staff. Finally, to increase business productivity and efficiency

• Develop a strong reputation as a pro-active occupational health and well-being service provider. We aim that our clients are proud to be associated with Prohms. Also that they are confident  to suggest improvements to our processes

• Nurture our image as a leading regional occupational health and well-being business.  This attracting and retaining the best staff at every level throughout the organisation

• Develop an effective health and well-being clinical facility. Furthermore, which efficiently provides diagnosis, and corrective therapy support.  Thus enhancing the level of professionalism and quality of delivery throughout the region

• Establish Prohms as a brand synonymous with the highest principles of ethical and environmentally friendly standards. Equally important, to be associated with best practice corporate social responsibility

our mission