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Are you looking after the wellbeing of your employees and the continuity of your business? After a free consultation we will provide advice and guidance on the occupational health services you should be providing within your organisation to ensure your employees and your company is protected. If you’ve never provided hearing and lung function screening within your business we can provide a benchmark and subsequent screening to ensure you are legally complaint, help notice early warning signs and protect against hearing and lung deterioration, and potential claims.

Read more about noise at work and work-related respiratory diseases at the HSE website.

We provide vision screening to you and your workforce and will advise you on your legal obligation. We can offer consultative advice on preventative measures and how to ensure the continued health and wellbeing of your workforce.

Read more about the health and safety (display screen equipment) regulations at the HSE website.

We have specialist occupational health practitioners and physicians who can facilitate onsite and offsite clinics to manage your pre employment assessments. This can be rolled out in line with your business demands and can be via one-to-one assessments or a professional paper based questionnaire for office based employees. Advice and guidance will be provided on all assessments and follow up case by case evaluations initiated where required. Contact us today for more information or to arrange a free consultation.

A comprehensive assessment can be provided for all employees who drive fork lift trucks. This assessment incorporates an vision screening, hearing test, blood pressure and urinalysis. All assessments are supported by reports to show legal compliance and can be completed onsite, on our mobile unit, at our offices or at an alternative location to suit the demands of your business.

Read more about medical standards for drivers at the HSE website.

There are no legal requirements to undertake general health checks, however these can contribute to the promotion and overall improvement of the health of your workforce.
Prohms take a holistic approach to general health assessments and include such checks as weight and blood pressure, past medical history and lifestyle and are discussed and risk factors identified and advised upon.

We also offer both Off Shore Medicals and Divers Medicals (including shoulder measurement if required)

Read more about Offshore health and safety law at the HSE website.

Organisations have a duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act to ensure a safe system of work. It is implicit in this duty that the medical fitness of employees is a component of such a safe system of work, to the extent that the effects of a medical condition are foreseeable.
Not only do employers have duties towards their employees but employers also have a duty to ensure that the safety of third parties is not compromised. In the current context, therefore, the employer needs take into account the individual employee’s fitness both in respect of those activities where an employee’s fitness may be likely to affect their own health and safety and those where it may affect others’ health and safety.

Read more about Confined Spaces and Safety-Critical work outlines (page 21) at the HSE website.

Pregnancy risk assessments should be conducted for all new and expectant mothers. Pregnancy risk assessments should be initiated on receipt of written notice that an employee is pregnant, has given birth in the last 6 months or is breastfeeding.

Employers are required to take appropriate action to remove, reduce or control any risks highlighted in the pregnancy risk assessment. prohms will conduct the pregnancy risk assessment at the employee's place of work, to review job role and responsibilities, work station and surroundings, exposure levels for noise, vibration and COSHH, coping mechanisms and much more. The assessment will be supported a written report and professional recommendations.

Read more information for new and expectant mothers at the HSE website.

The average cost of sickness absence in the UK is £6000 per employee, per year. Simple steps can be made to improve sickness absence levels within industry and these can be highlighted through a quick and easy free consultation with one of our team. Contact us today for more information and to book your appointment.

Read more about managing sickness absence and return to work at the HSE website.

Vibration from equipment and machinery at work can cause can cause long-term painful damage to your hands and fingers and shocks and jolts from driving certain vehicles can cause Musculoskeletal and upper limb disorders. Assessments help identify early warning signs, which means interventions can be quickly and affectively put in place to prevent further damage, this in turn helps reduce sickness absence levels and associated costs. Assessing your business for hand arm vibration is a straight forward procedure and if your results are satisfactory annual surveillance is all that is required. Where further support is required professional clinical advice and guidance will be provided on a case by case basis to ensure maximum support to your business and minimum disruption.

Read more about vibration at work at the HSE website.

Prohms have a team of Vocational rehabilitation professionals (VRPs) who specialise in understanding the world of employment although a few are employment experts with specialist knowledge of health/disability issues. VRPs assist those who have difficulties in entering the workforce, those having difficulties with their current jobs and those who are out of work but seeking help to re-enter employment.

More information can be found here

Fitness for the job assessments are medical, physical and psychological assessments that help determine whether an employee is fit to carry out the job they are employed to do. The employee will be assessed on the general capability to ascertain whether an employee is 'fit', 'unfit' or 'fit with restrictions' to conduct the specific tasks they are required to do. An occupational health report and appropriate recommendations will be provided inline with the medical assessment conclusion.

Medical assessments should be conducted on all employees to ensure they are fit to do the job safely and efficiently without risking their safety and that of others around them.

We work in line with best practice to support you in the drug and alcohol screening of your employees. We can offer advice and guidance on policies to suit your business and will support the rollout of a new programme and retesting alike.

Read more about Alcohol and drugs at work at the HSE website.

Occupational health surveillance helps to identify early warning signs of work related ill health. Catching work related ill heath problems early means they are easier to manage and less likely to develop into a chronic illness.

Employers are required by health and safety regulations to protect their workforce, this includes limiting exposure to noise, hazardous substances and effects of vibration.

An occupational health assessment will establish what type of surveillance you need within your business. Once established prohms can conduct the right occupational health surveillance to ensure your employees and your business are protected. This can be delivered in house, at one of our clinics or via our mobile screening unit.