We provide an ARTP/BTS approved Spirometry Foundation module. Anyone who attends our courses will receive a certificate stating that they have attended an ARTP approved course. This course is suitable for practitioners who regularly perform spirometry as part of their role within the Occupational Health setting.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand appropriate use of spirometry, including contraindications to the procedure
  • Understand the importance of the verification of calibration of spirometry equipment, as part of the quality assurance process, so that standards of measuring and recording, as specified in national guidelines can be met
  • Understand the terms used in measuring lung volumes
  • Be able to obtain technically acceptable and reproducible measurements of dynamic lung volumes

In addition to the requirements of the ARTP foundation module, during the study day we also include a session on interpretation of baseline spirometry results, to enable you to determine which pathway your client should follow.

While it is not a mandatory requirement for health care professionals, working within the Occupational health setting to continue to complete the Foundation Certificate, if you wish, at the time of attending the spirometry course, or within the following 12 months, you can register with ARTP when you will receive details of the written assessment and practical and oral examinations. On successful completion of the assessments you will receive a certificate from ARTP and can be included on the national register of certified professional and operators.

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