As always training is given in a supportive, non-critical environment.

A supportive environment - A. Richmond

The information was very well put across.  Very impressed with the tutor

Very impressed - I. Walton

A very informative course.  He (the tutor) is very knowledgeable on all subjects covered throughout the course.  Thanks

A very informative course - L. Purcell

Always good to gain further knowledge. Taught at a good pace.

Taught at a good pace! - R. Wileman

Interesting and never boring!

Never boring! - P. Bates

An impressive informal day demonstrated clearly with some really useful tips. Thank you!

An impressive informal day! - M. Butters

Good Course, feel more confident with use of equipment. Good Trainer!

Good Trainer! - M. Tompkins

Very well run and organised course – good presentation and knowledge.

Very well run - K. Turnbull

Good background experience so the trainer was able to explain things from a “real life” perspective.  Focused appropriately on more important points in First Aid.  Good videos, pictures and first aid book to take away.

Good videos, pictures and first aid book to take away! - G. Rose

Fun session, the trainer made the course very interesting

Very Interesting! - C. Kelsey

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