prohms huddersfield


Choose PROHMS because our staff come with a wealth of experience, and are committed to their profession and the delivery of care. Because of the depth of knowledge and skill of our practitioners, we can confidently guide our clients in the appropriate direction. We do this efficiently and with the assurance of a speedy conclusion.

prohms huddersfield


Choose PROHMS because our qualified staff are specialists within their area. They also hold the highest qualifications within their field.

prohms huddersfield


Choose PROHMS because prevention is always better than cure. We empower individuals with the information to monitor their own and others health needs.

PROHMS Ltd (Professional Occupational Health and Medical Services Ltd) are an established group of Health Professionals. We consist of specialist doctors, nurses & physios. Our primary aim is to help individuals positively gain maximum health to fulfil every day needs. Thus empowering individuals to maintain Health & Fitness.

Our company takes a proactive approach to enhance knowledge about your personal health. In doing so, we aim to maximise your physical and mental well-being. We want to help you live a healthy life to complement your busy, demanding lifestyle. In addition, we aim to reduce an individual’s chance of ill health by offering health screening.